Morning in San Diego

Yesterday was a long travel day. US Airways had a plane that could not come to Philadelphia from Florida due to weather; it would have been the one for us. They decided to assign another plane to our flight and this delayed departure. When we finally pushed off from the gate at about 6 pm EDT (the scheduled time was 3:45 pm EDT), we had to wait our turn for the runway, so we finally were airborne at 6:30 EDT. We did manage to land in San Diego at 9PDT. By the time we were at the hotel, we were pretty exhausted so I took one photo (to be posted here later) and then hit the pillow.

The day looks very promising today, weather wise. After a hearty breakfast, we are ready for some sightseeing, once M is back from the convention center, where she is registering for her conference.

New Theme

OK, so I occasionally play around with the blog’s appearance. I just discovered this rather spectacular theme by visiting Amanda French’s website for a graduate course called Creating Digital History. I am gearing up mentally for some more frequent updates here, especially from our upcoming trip to San Diego/La Jolla (tomorrow to August 19). Yes, I know, I’ve promised frequent updates before. 🙂