A random memory from 2004

Starting a series of nostalgic posts — this blog has been neglected long enough!

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Marianne dancing with the captain of the boat. Not to worry: he had locked the steering wheel so the boat was making circles in the big lake at Mondsee, Austria. March 7, 2004.

In March of 2004 Marianne and I went to Austria for a week in Spring Break. Marianne was taking a group of her students on a tour of Vienna, as part of her course on the Viennese psychologists Freud, Adler, and Frankl. Near the end of the week, we had a quick excursion to Salzburg. The day we were to return to Vienna we had some time to kill and we wandered with a few students to the shore of the lake at Mondsee. We saw a sign for lake tours. There was snow on the ground, but Marianne sought out the guy dressed as a captain and asked if tours were offered. He said yes, and we hopped on the boat. Once safely far from the shore, he locked the steering wheel at a fairly steep left turn angle, put on some waltzes on the audio system, and came up on the deck to dance with people! Here he is, dancing with Marianne. Photo taken with the Gateway (!) digital camera we owned at the time.